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At BDM Developments NPC, we’re on a mission to create sustainable waste management systems that promote a clean environment, safe communities, and economic growth. Our focus on the circular economy ensures that we not only manage waste responsibly but also find innovative ways to turn waste into opportunities that empower individuals and communities.


Through creativity and innovation, we establish safe, efficient, and effective waste management systems that protect the environment, foster clean living spaces, and stimulate economic development in the communities we serve.


To be a leader in shaping a global sustainable future through creativity, innovation, and technological excellence in waste management.


  • Respect for Humanity and Nature: We value both mankind and the earth, striving to build clean, healthy living environments that preserve and conserve natural resources.
  • Community Engagement: We work directly with communities and governments to design measures for preserving the environment and ensuring sustainable development.
  • Education and Information: We educate and build informed institutions and communities to drive meaningful, long-term change.
  • Diligence and Creativity: We are diligent, innovative, creative and flexible in working with our Partners, communities and  governments.

Meet the Founder

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I am Boipelo Didintle Mahuma, a born and bred South African, and the founder of BDM Developments NPC, formally incorporated and registered in 2023.

Before the organisation’s registration, our services began as a family initiative while visiting my grandmother in her rural village. I was astounded by the amount of waste piled up on street corners for days on end. As a family, we started a project to help the community see waste as a source of income. Several community members were trained to sort and separate waste, and reusable waste was sold to buy-back centres. Organic waste was recycled for gardening and farming compost.

The project expanded to include river cleaning, food gardening, and youth projects. These initiatives highlighted the need to register a formal entity to implement these projects effectively, leading to the creation of BDM Developments NPC.

I believe that clean living environments are key to healthy living, and through good waste management systems, we can all contribute to the global sustainability of the earth. I advocate for innovative ideas to address the waste management challenges faced worldwide. I believe in collaborative measures toward waste management that yield numerous benefits across environmental, social, and economic dimensions.

I am privileged to live in a part of South Africa that has an effective waste management system, and it is my vision to extend this privilege to all other areas of our country, and into the African continent

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